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Other Personal Injuries

Other Personal Injuries

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If you have been injured in an accident, you may be entitled under Virginia law to collect financial compensation. It is important that you know and understand your legal rights so that they are not forfeited or misapplied.

While we cannot undo the damage that you might have experienced, our law firm can advocate on your behalf to assure that you receive financial compensation for your injuries and suffering, past, present and future.

Other Types of Personal Injuries We Handle

Virginia law follows the “one-bite rule.” This means that a dog’s owner can’t be held liable unless he or she knew that the dog had previously bitten someone, or, knew that the dog had aggressive tendencies.

If the dog had previously lunged forward, snapped, or behaved in any aggressive way toward another person or animal, such evidence would be proof of aggressive tendencies and negate the one-bite rule.

Construction accidents may involve 1) falls, 2) being struck by an object, 3) electrocution, or being caught in between heavy objects.

Due to the often-hazardous conditions surrounding such accidents, there is a high potential for serious or fatal injuries.

Tractor trailer drivers are required to have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and are held to strict safety standards due to the potential for their heavy vehicles to cause catastrophic accidents.

Sometimes these standards are not adhered to. In some instances they are adhered to, but are insufficient to prevent highway accidents due to slippery surfaces or other environmental hazards.

When an individual is injured while performing his or her normal course of duties at a workplace, the law provides protection so that the damage is compensated for.

This law is known commonly as “workers’ compensation.” What many people do not know however is that strict measures must be taken following an accident in order to successfully recoup losses, past, present and future.

Receiving Financial Compensation for Your Injuries

In personal injury cases, injuries and losses are called “damages,” which can be recovered via a jury verdict or a settlement. In Virginia, an accident victim can recover damages related to four general categories:

  1. Medical expenses,
  2. Property damages,
  3. Value of time missed from work, and
  4. “Pain and suffering”

Determining medical, property and employment damages can be relatively straightforward using receipts and documentation. Determining the monetary equivalent for “pain and suffering,” also known as intangible losses, is a much more complex and challenging undertaking.

Even if all “economic” damages were recouped, the accident victim is still faced with “non-economic” losses, i.e., the impact that the accident and injuries had on his or her life, past, present and future. Creating justification for the financial equivalent of these losses is an integral part of the case, and once again should be undertaken by an experienced Virginia injury attorney.

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There are time limitations on your right to file a personal injury lawsuit.

If these limitations are not met, the claimant/victim would be solely responsible for any medical bills, lost wages, and future medical expenses that result from the accident.

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